Lady with her serinette, Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin
Lady with her serinette, Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin

Can an archaic bird training manual –  published two centuries ago –  shed light on a mystery of avian intelligence which puzzles biologists today?

I think it might do – and I’ll be explaining all in a 15-minute talk at Dr Bramwell’s Catalyst Club, Thursday 8 July. Expect some evolutionary biology and live 18th-century music, wrapped up with some Easy Listening and contemporary neuroscience in this evening for the curious.

Hosted by Dr David Bramwell, creator of the No 9 Bus to Utopia and the Haunted Moustache, the Catalyst Club is a monthly Brighton event that pays tribute to the old traditions of French Salon, debating societies and Gentleman’s Clubs.


Latest Seven Bar, Brighton

14-17 Manchester St

Doors open 8pm late bar every night
Tickets £5 on the door
No riff raff