Paranormality – new mind-bending iPhone app with Richard Wiseman

“Just got the app. Love it! Thanks!” Lance Burton, Master Magician

My old pal, psychologist, writer and all around good egg Richard Wiseman launches his book Paranormality in America this week. And to celebrate, Richard and I launched a fun and free iPhone magic trick by the same name. Here’s Richard’s video showing the trick in action. The app shows you three spoons on a laboratory table. Ask your friend to choose a spoon and focus their mind on it, willing it to bend. The chosen spoon will bend before their eyes.

Paranormality bookNo gimmicks or sleight of hand are required to perform this trick – it’s all down to a fascinating aspect of human cognition, attentional blindness. If you want to know more about its secret, download a free copy of the app.

As with our earlier app, Telepath, this new magic trick was a collaboration – Richard devised the trick and I designed the graphics and programmed the app (using XCode and Objective C).

Thanks again to Phillis on the Derren Brown blog for giving Paranormality a mention. Thousands of people have downloaded the app and are busy bamboozling their friends.