Adrift with the Sawchestra (for Shoreditch Festival)

This weekend, I played with a gaggle of fellow saw players and other artists from Foz Foster’s Sawchestra. Foz hired a barge along the Regent’s Canal, London, and we climbed aboard, performing to anyone who wanted to go adrift with us for 15 minutes. I had a lovely day extemporising with the other musicians, dodging the rainstorms and meeting this marvellous, inflatable arthropod.

This event was for Shoreditch Festival, a day celebrating East London’s waterways across towpaths, green spaces, basins, bridges and other unusual spaces along the Regent’s Canal.  Our event was sponsored by the Barbican, London. I performed on saw, waterphone and some of Foz’ toy instruments. I also brought along a hydrophone so we could add some live sounds from below the waterline.

giant lobster at Shoreditch Festival

If you’d like to learn the musical saw, then you’re in luck – it’s pretty easy! Take a look at my tutorial.

Sarah Angliss plays the saw at the Tusk & Garter Club, Brighton (photo Peter Kalen)