BEAM Festival and a beautiful dance

This weekend, Spacedog are playing at BEAM – Brunel University’s festival of electronic and analogue music. I’ll be performing with my fellow Spacedogs, participating in a pecha kucha session and running a drop-in workshop on optical flow. Very briefly, optical flow is a trick we can borrow from nature to detect moving objects in a scene, with relatively little computing power. It’s how bees and some other insects navigate their world. I’ll be using some free software libraries to play with optical flow, using a musician’s movements to control music live.

I’ll be writing more about optical flow in a day or so. In the meantime, here’s a fascinating video piece from Minoru Fujimoto which uses optical flow algorithms to track a dancer (video from drpopeyee):

Lighting Choreographer – optical flow dance

Also on the BEAM Festival bill:

Beam Festival