Televisor at the Brighton Festival Fringe


“It felt like an audio version of The Shining, played on instruments thrown together in sheds somewhere near Bletchley Park
…mediaeval electronica meets Trip Hop meets Tomorrow’s World. Superb.”
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“Scientists, engineers but above all musicians, their genius lies in
their magpie collections of intellectual exotica”. * * * *
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“Spacedog deserves wider recognition for this constantly surprising,
inventive and moving show” * * * * *
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Read a preview of Televisor from Richard Stamp (Fringe Guru).

Televisor (Spacedog with Prof. Elemental)

Eerie musicians Spacedog summon the spirit of John Logie Baird as they perform with flickering projections, created live on their working reconstruction of Baird’s original 1920s televisor.

There will be a crackle of static as Fringe regulars the Angliss sisters evoke the earliest days of television in their new evening of deliciously unsettling music. Televisor is the latest retro-futuristic treat from their band Spacedog, mixing theremin, saw, vocals, waterphone and live action from the group’s famous, uncanny musical robots. And this year, their music is given an extra kick from tip-top percussionist Stephen Hiscock (Ensemble Bash).

Technically cranky, faltering, and even a little dangerous, Baird’s televisor was a world away from the bland plasma screens we see today; a perfect match, in fact, for Spacedog’s trademark, homespun electronica, haunted by an analogue past.

Highlights include a new torch song for variety star Tommy Cooper and a high-energy anthem to the awe-inspiring Soviet Ekranoplan (aka The Caspian Sea Monster).

“A word of mouth wonder”, the Londonist.

“Like a classic surrealist object from a dream”, FAD magazine

“Spacedog…generate the kind of gore-free spinechilling terror that mainstream cinema seems to have forgotten”, the Londonist.

Bom-Bane’s Brighton, Tuesday 24 May
Doors open 8:00pm
Show starts 8:30pm
Show lasts approx. 1hr 40 mins (including short interval)
Booking and tickets

Our Televisor shows at the Brunswick are now over – thanks to everyone who came along – but we’ll be reprising the Spacedog set at Bom-Bane’s Tuesday 24 May. Please note: The Bom-Bane’s show will not include a guest spot from our dear friend Professor Elemental as he will be strutting his stuff at the Steampunk World Fair, New Jersey, USA.

Brighton Festival Fringe

Brighton Festival Fringe