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Interesting folk


Michael 'Atters' Attree

Michael ‘Atters’ Attree

Michael ‘Atters’ Attree – anarcho-dandy pinup, video maker and painter

David Bramwell – composer and founder of Oddfellows Casino, salon speaker and curator of the Catalyst Club

Jane Bom-Bane – musician who performers with mechanical hats, the name behind Bom-Bane’s cafe, Brighton

Tamsin Chapman – photographer and live music blogger

Melita Dennett – photographer and maker of radio shows on Reverb, BBC Sussex and more

Professor Elemental – neo-Victorian hip-hop raconteur and exotic dancer

Colin Grant – author and BBC producer

Stephen Hiscock – percussionist and composer, fellow Spacedog

Leila Johnston – tech. journalist,  comedy writer, experimenter with new literary platforms; one half of ShiftRunStop

Helen Keen – comedian and creator of radio show It Is Rocket Science

Karen McComb – behavioural ecologist

Moon Wiring Club – composer of confusing English electronica

Sarah Nicholls – player and experimenter with the ‘inside-out piano’

Gaynor Perry – fine artist, specialising in painting and photography

Punchdrunk – immersive theatre company

Rainycat – consultant in wearable tech, learning software and more.

Geoff Sample – wildlife sound recordist, specialising in birdsong

Sawchestra – ensemble of saw players and more, curated by Foz Foster (I’m an occasional member)

Sound Women – a network of 700 women in radio and audio

Thomas Truax – songwriter, performer and maker of experimental musical instruments



Brighton Festival Radio (May only)

Little Atoms

Phantom Circuit

The Pod Delusion

Project Moobase


Radio Reverb

Resonance FM



Bad Science


Derren Brown

Deviant Synth

Egg, Bacon, Chips and Beans

Warren Ellis

Final Bullet



How to be a Retronaut

The Londonist

Spacedog (my band!)




Richard Wiseman