Laika – some happy endings for the space dog

Just before I released the Spacedog song For Laika on iTunes and Amazon, the writer James Burt showed me this wonderful set of comic strips, depicting alternative, happy endings for the dog. They’ve been drawn by Nick Abadzis, creator of the graphic novel, Laika, which tells the story of the dog and her fate.

Phantom Circuit had already sent me the first strip, where you see Laika eject from Sputnik II and parachute into the hands of her trainer. Other endings involving alien intelligences and canine superpowers. The happy endings were sponsored by Big Planet Comics in Washington DC who are celebrating their 25th birthday – you can also see them all on the Bleeding Cool website.

Laika, a stray, was scooped up from the streets of Moscow in 1957 and trained by scientist Oleg Gazenko to take a one-way trip in the Sputnik II satellite and become the first living creature in orbit. This video of our song For Laika tells the whole story (see below):

For Laika - Single - SpacedogA few months ago, James heard our song at a gig in the Brighton Festival Fringe. He penned a beautiful short story in the interval and has kindly allowed me to post it here today.