The Hairy Ape – Park Avenue Armory, New York

In 2018, Richard Jones’ production of The Hairy Ape transferred to the vast Park Avenue Armory, New York. Here, we worked with an American company with Bobby Cannavale taking on the role of Yank.

The drill hall of The Armory is a huge void – large enough for the set designer Stuart Laing to reimagine the set as a doughnut which circled the raked seating. This turned slowly throughout the show to bring different elements of the set in front of the audience. The drill hall was also highly reverberant. I was able to strip the reverb from all my soundfiles and exploit the natural acoustic of the space to heighten the sense of foreboding – the feeling you were hearing something threatening but indisinct, perhaps from the far end of a mighty ship.

Read more about this show and hear some examples of my composition and sound design.

See the set for the New York production being installed in The Park Avenue Armory.

See some original newspaper clips about the first productions in Europe, in the 1920s.

In New York, I was joined by sound associate Mike Winship.