Here’s Hugo – the singing 1930s vent doll

My first test with Hugo, the 1930s vent doll who will be appearing in future Spacedog gigs. Here, you can hear him singing the Kurt Weill classic Alabama Song.

In this first study, I’ve tried to give Hugo a voice and move his mouth and eyes in synch. The mouth movements aren’t quite right yet. One problem is the mouth driver which is too slack in this lash-up. But I hope you find this an interesting first attempt. Stay posted for further developments – and look out for Hugo in the Brighton Festival Fringe.


This video also shows my Mk III robotic bell rig for the last time. I’ve now dismantled the rig as I’m attaching it to a new housing for the Kinetica Art Fair. If you go to the fair, you’ll see the new rig on the stand publicising Electricity and Ghosts, a live event that will be taking place in Battersea Power Station later on this year.

You can also hear me playing a little musical saw in the background of this video.

Thanks to Colin for the camera work.