SARAH ANGLISS | Moog Sound Lab – Birmingham

Moog Sound Lab – Birmingham

  • Sep 2015

  • Sarah

Alongside the Supersonic festival, the travelling Moog Sound Lab came to Birmingham City University in August 2015. I was invited by Supersonic curators Capsule to work in the Lab for a couple of days. I spent my time in there with percussionist Stephen Hiscock. See a video of this performance in FactMag, along with pieces from Gazelle Twin and Free School.

The Moog Sound Lab is travelling collection of electronic kit from the renowned music company founded by synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog in 1950. Rather than perform a polished revamp of an existing song, or stick to newer equipment, we felt a performance on the mighty System 55 modular synth from the early 1970s was too good an opportunity to miss. So we extemporised with the System 55, hooking my theremin to it (via the CV out) so we could use it as a controller.

System 55

Our performance patch for the Moog System 55

Thanks to everyone at Capsule for inviting me to participate in the Moog Lab and to Tychonas Michalidis for showing me the ropes and having great patience as I showed my determination to patch this beast.

Musical invention: read some notes on the All Ears festival which ran alongside Supersonic this year. Includes some thoughts on the art of instrument making, with some quotes from Bob Moog.

Sarah Angliss with System 55 in Moog Sound Lab

Performing live with the System 55 in the Moog Sound Lab