SARAH ANGLISS | Unheimlich Manoeuvres – on ventriloquism and the uncanny
  • Hugo (photo Melita Dennett)

Unheimlich Manoeuvres – on ventriloquism and the uncanny

  • Jun 2014

  • Sarah

Published online by Wire Magazine (June 2014), Unheimlich Manoeuvres, is a short essay on ventriloquism and the uncanny. This article can be read online, where it’s illustrated with videos of many fine ventriloquists including Ray Alan, Arthur Worsley and the great Terri Rogers. A ventriloquist and inventor of magic tricks, Rogers was famous for her haughty on-stage persona and never ending exasperation with her foul-mouthed knee pal Shorty Harris.

The article includes an interview with performance artist Dickie Beau – his act may fascinate anyone with an interest in sound and disembodiment (or re-embodiment). There are also some thoughts on my relationship with Hugo, the dummy I wired up and roboticised after finding him at a Magic Circle bazaar.

Hugo (photo Helena Love)

Hugo (photo Helena Love)