Saw face, not theremin face – I’m in Wired UK (August 2011)

Thanks so much to everyone at Wired UK for putting me in this month’s magazine. The article was penned by the marvellous Leila Johnston (aka Final Bullet),  author, blogger, comedy writer, editor of Hackers! newspaper.

The accompanying photo, which has a lovely whiff of the music hall, is by Leon Csernohlavek. It shows Spacedog robots Hugo, Edgar Allan (crow) and Clara 2.0, along with the Ealing Feeder (my robotic carillon) and yours truly, trying to look haughty while playing the saw – never easy. It’s a miracle of digital manipulation. I don’t usually look this posh, nor does my 1950s frock which I ripped while loading my theremin into a cab the night before the shoot.

Interesting 11

A geek of many talents, Leila also curated Hack Circus at the recent Interesting 11, Russell Davies’ day of activities in the Conway Hall, London, where the name is on the tin. Leila and I met at Dorkbot London – a gathering of artists, hackers and other ‘people doing strange things with electricity’.

I’m in the wilds of France this week but look forward to picking up a copy when I get home. I’ve been told you can prod the photos on the iPad version of the magazine and hear the robots in action.

Sarah Angliss (Spacedog) in Wired UK

Wired event: The Future of Digital Music

On 20 July, Spacedog will be performing live with our uncanny robots at an invitation-only event: WIRED: The Future of Music. This is an evening of music, sonic inventions and talks on where the music industry is headed. Stay tuned for news of other performers and speakers on the bill – it sounds like an interesting night.