Talk: Never Leaving Home


Pałac Krzysztofory
Rynek Główny 35
Kraków 31-011 Kraków

Time and date

4:30 pm Wednesday 19 October 2016


Talk: Never Leaving Home

The theme of Unsound, Krakow, this year is ‘dislocation’. I’ll be sharing some thoughts on music, electronics, dislocation and relocation, including some discoveries about radiophonic pioneer Daphne Oram, ahead of the reprint of her book ‘An Individual Note: of Music, Sound and Electronics’, for which I’ve written the introduction.


From the Unsound website:

Never Leaving Home – Fear, Desire and Disembodied Music

Delving into the histories of electronic music, ventriloquism, archeology and cybernetics, Sarah Angliss explores the tension between our desires and fears when we encounter sound that’s taken flight from its source. Revealing surprising precursors of today’s disembodied electronic sound making, she also considers the esoteric, geological voyages of Daphne Oram. This visionary composer and inventor, who shaped music from intangible electronic waveforms, spent days off seeking resonances under England’s ancient megaliths. Sarah Angliss shares insights from Oram’s personal archives, ahead of the forthcoming reprint of Oram’s book “An Individual Note”.