Down to the Silver Sea

News of an exciting new album – a collaboration with some of my favourite fellow artists:

Like a seashell glimmering on Bridlington beach, Down to the Silver Sea is a little gem from an English summer. This pearlescent, summer compilation is from the gloriously confusing mind of Ian Hodgson (Moon Wiring Club). I’ve contributed three tracks to the album which also features sounds from Jon Brooks, Time Attendant, Knö, Howling Moss (seaside cousin of Pye Corner Audio),  Moon Wiring Club and The Original Uptown Sycophants.

Down to the Silver Sea was assembled in secret and each of the participants was sent an album of curious summer photographs to get the ball rolling. When I think of a peculiarly English summer, I remember the feel of tadpoles skittling over my hand in dusty pond water. I imagine grasping nervously for pennies that I’d dropped under the carousel or between the slats of the pier. I also recall one of those fierce, hot summer days when everyone is limp with heat but the clouds are building into anvil-black towers, ready to break into a summer storm.

silverSeaPicnic600It has been the most wonderful excursion, working on Down to the Silver Sea. I love the way everyone had their own take on summer – as though we’d all jumped on the same Green Line bus but each of us had our own joyful destination. And it was all the more lovely when a pineapple arrived from Blank Workshop, Moon Wiring Club HQ, on the day the album went out the door.

Down to the Silver Sea is out now on vinyl – and fans of Hodgson’s exuberant, surreal Deco artwork aren’t going to be disappointed with this release.

Notes on the album from Moon Wiring Club

Buy the album from The Blank Workshop (Moon Wiring Club HQ)

Buy the album on Boomkat



Excerpts from a couple of my tracks: ‘Hello Sunshine’ and ‘Summer’s Lease’, featuring spinet, birdsong, recorder and carillon:


Promo video from Moon Wiring Club