Talking 8-bit music and robots at Shift Run Stop

Here’s the trailer video – you can hear the whole interview here:

If you’re into computer games, electronic music or other geekery, you might be interested in Shift Run Stop, a new weekly podcast from Leila Johnston and Roo Reynolds. There are different guests every week – you can hear them talking to Adam Curtis, Maggie Philbin, Ariane Sherine, Dave Schneider and many others.

Episode 9 features 8-bit sound artist extraordinaire Paul B Davis discussing NES cartridge reprogramming and cassette tape DJing, and me talking about robots, clogs and infrasound. Resident snack expert Dave Green also gives a lay person’s overview of farmyard animals in chocolate.

I had a great time at Shift Run Stop and was really struck by the common ground between Paul and me. I’m dying to enter a cassette tape DJ-off (if that’s what you call it) and am already respooling my Klaus Wunderlich.