Sarah Angliss

composer | musician | robotic artist

Sarah Angliss

composer | musician | electronic artist

Month: March 2017

The Machinery – tourable video triptych

A tourable, large-scale video triptych of The Machinery, created by Sarah Angliss, Caroline Radcliffe and video artist John Harrison in 2018. This project was supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

You Want Me to Say I Love You

A live perfomance with high-resolution stills from Brighton Rock on film, celebrating the seventieth anniversary of Brighton Rock in Brighton’s most popular cinema. This incorporated

The Hairy Ape: on noise and modernity

Some reflections on noise and 1920s modernity, as expressed in Eugene O’Neill’s ‘The Hairy Ape’. This includes some archival discoveries about early performances. These notes were made after I’d composed a score for a new production of the play and contributed to the Science Museum research forum ‘Noise, Music and Silence’.

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