Sarah Angliss

composer | musician | robotic artist

Sarah Angliss

composer | musician | electronic artist

A selection of earlier work, including guest spots on other albums by Moon Wiring Club and the Ghostbox Study Series (with label co-founders Belbury Poly).


This album from Moon Wiring Club reveals a world where humans and birds dine together at a bewitching, Edwardian post-theatre banquet.

I appear on recorder,  extemporising fragments of the kind of minuets and gigues that were taught to birds in the eighteenth century. The album was originally available on CD and vinyl with different tracks served up on each format.  The CD  version is packed with electronic tracks in compound time signatures that lilt like a high Baroque dance suite. The LP is largely cut from the same source material but is a more laid back affair, sans beats – an electronic lullaby of sorts. Now available on Bandcamp.

Today Bread, Tomorrow Secrets (Moon Wiring Club)
Down to the Silver Sea


I’ve contributed three tracks to this pearlescent summer compilation edited by Moon Wiring Club. This LP also features sounds from The Advisory Circle, Time Attendant, Knö, Howling Moss (seaside cousin of Pye Corner Audio) and the editor Moon Wiring Club. 


Lost signals and the poetical science of Ada Lovelace are the themes of Message and Method, a collaboration between my early band Spacedog and Belbury Poly. Available on vinyl and as a download, Message and Method is no 10 in the Ghost Box Study Series. Availabe from the Ghost Box shop. My original mix of ‘The Messenger’ is available on my solo album Ealing Feeder.

Ghost Box Study Series No 10