You Want Me to Say I Love You

You Want me to Say I Love You

Duke of Yorks, Brighton

A celebration of the seventieth anniversary of Brighton Rock on film.

John and Roy Boultings’ acclaimed 1947 adaptation of Graham Greene’s novel has proved enduringly popular and influential. It also helping to establish Brighton on screen as a locus for crime and violence.

In November 2017, I was joined by Aleks Kolkowski,  Bela Emerson and Stephen Hiscock for a performance celebrating the film’s anniversary. We performed on saw, turntables, Stroh violin, cello, theremin, automata and percussion, accompanied by rarely-seen publicity shots from the 1947 film. Our music incorporated short readings by 16 and 17-year-olds – people the same age as the book’s main protagonists Pinkie and Rose. Aleks recorded these voices onto vinyl using methods reminiscent of the unforgettable ‘record your own record’ booth at the heart of the book and the film. With thanks to literary advisor Emma Kilbey.

Our live performance was followed by a rare screening of Brighton Rock on 35mm.

Commissioned by Cinecity Brighton.

Brighton Rock

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