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  • Infrasound – the pipe

    Making pure infrasound on a budget Our infrasound generator was built on a very small budget – it was designed by Peter Lord of the UK National Physical Laboratory on the acoustic…

  • Loie Fuller, c1902

    Fuller’s dance reimagined

    A theremin performance for a new interpretation of Loie Fuller butterfly dance, created by dancer Louise Colborne.

  • Infrasonic – haunted music?

    This highly unusual, public experiment explored the strange psychological effects of infrasound – sensations that may explain why people feel a sense of awe during cathedral organ recitals or a sense of unease in seemingly haunted sites. Venue: Purcell Room, London, May 2002.

  • Play the saw in six weeks

    A brief tutorial on how to play the saw, a European skiffle instrument with a haunting, ethereal sound.