composer, performer and sound designer

Echometrie: tools

Piece for solo violin and live electronics
For the Royal Academy of Music 200 Pieces series

Echometrie is a piece for solo violin and live electronics. I created in 2021 for the Royal Academy of Music, as part of their 200 Pieces celebration of their bicentenial. Please email to request a copy of the score or accompanying live electronic patches.

To perform Echometrie, in addition to your violin, you will need:

  1. An instrument mic to pick up your sound as you play. We used a large-diaphragm condenser close to Muriel, pointing towards her violin. You could alternatively use a condenser mic that clips onto your instrument (e.g. a DPA 4099 with a violin clip).
  2. A Mac laptop*, a soundcard with a mic input and a stereo PA system.
  3. A copy of Ableton Live 10 or 11*.
  4. A download of the software which can be requested by email. This includes an Ableton Live* session, featuring bespoke Max4Live patches.
  5. A midi footswitch – one that simply switches on or off, rather than offering continuouslyvarying output. Make sure its action is as quiet as possible.

* In 2021 we performed this piece using Ableton Live 11 and Max4Live 8 on an Intel Mac running High Sierra, with a Fireface USB soundcard. The piece is adaptable to other setups – do get in touch if you have a particular request.