Sarah Angliss – examples of work

Here are some examples of Sarah’s work for theatre, feature film and dance as well as character pieces from her own live set – works with a sound palette that’s adaptable for theatre (e.g. The Bows). Classically trained and with roots in ancient music and European folk, Sarah also has degrees in electroacoustics and biologically-inspired robotics. She combines these disciplines in all aspects of her work.

Sarah’s music combines ancient instruments with theremin, live electronics, field recordings and her own robotic inventions. Sarah’s particularly drawn to soundworlds that blur the boundaries between composition and sound design.

In the studio and rehearsal room, she mixes her own notated scores and extemporisations with bespoke patches she’s designed in the graphical sound programming language Max/MSP. She’s also highly proficient in QLab, Ableton, Logic, Protools and other essential audio software.


  1. The Hairy Ape - Through the ship's funnel, from trudging workers to upper class deck Sarah Angliss 1:13
  2. The Hairy Ape - Paddy recalls the old sailing ships and mesmerises his fellow workers Sarah Angliss 1:56
  3. The Hairy Ape - The Rich Parade as Gaudy Marionettes Sarah Angliss 1:04
  4. The Hairy Ape - Metal moon Sarah Angliss 2:28
  5. Fall of the House of Usher (live score) - Needle feat. robotic carillon Sarah Angliss 2:36
  6. The Twilight Zone - Unwanted visitor - pitch and temporal manipulation of OST Sarah Angliss 0:44
  7. The Twilight Zone - Star Dread, suspended animation, feat. OST at 64th speed Sarah Angliss 5:40
  8. London pieces - Camberwell Beauty feat. robotic carillon Sarah Angliss 3:05
  9. London pieces - The Bows, a drowning on the Thames Sarah Angliss 5:28
  10. London pieces - You Taught me How to See the Crows Sarah Angliss 5:44
  11. London pieces - The Messenger - Alexandra Palace mix Sarah Angliss 4:03
  12. London pieces - Cow Heart Pin Sarah Angliss 3:47
  13. London pieces - Sky Bullion -LOUD! Sarah Angliss 2:20
  14. A Wren in the Cathedral - feat. live manipulation of birdsong Sarah Angliss 3:59
  15. Raven (Thought) from Air Loom Sarah Angliss 4:06
  16. Music for a Moon Landing - Dust - from Air Loom Sarah Angliss 4:02
  17. Summer's Lease - from Down to the Silver Sea Sarah Angliss 3:00
  18. The Machinery - music for a clog dancer, constructed from recordings of mill machines Sarah Angliss 1:23
  19. Amulet (feature film) - sketch for goddesses' prophesy Sarah Angliss 1:15
  20. Amulet (feature film) - sketch for Madga's canon Sarah Angliss 1:08


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