Paul Hamlyn Award for composers

In November 2018, I was honoured to receive a composer’s award from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. I’m so grateful to the Foundation and the judges for their generosity and encouragement.

This award is transformative, giving me time and funds to think more expansively about my music and explore ideas I’ve been incubating for some time. Over the next few months, I intend to compose for larger ensembles (human and robotic) and progress further with the electroacoustic chamber opera Giant. I’m also planning some open-ended experimentation with director Sarah Fahie, exploring new forms of sound-rich theatre at Wilton’s Music Hall and beyond.

As well as giving me funding to keep working, this award reassures me I can trust my musical instincts – a gift fo which I’m extremely grateful. Thanks too to Lisa Meyer of Capsule (home of Supersonic, Birmingham) for nominating me this year.

There are more details of the award and a list of recent recipients on the Paul Hamlyn Foundation website.