Horlicks and Armageddon

Brighton, UK

Talk for the Catalyst Club - a 15-minute version of my show exploring the lives of Britain's secret nuclear survivalists

Time 8:00 PM Admission £6 plus booking fee
Latest Music Bar 14-17 Manchester Street, Brighton, BN2 1TF, UK

I’ll be reprising the original fifteen-minute versions of  ‘Horlicks and Armageddon’ and ‘The Bird Fancyer’s Delight’ for the launch of a new Catalyst Club podcast on Resonance FM. I devised these two talks for Brighton’s mighty Catalyst Club many moons ago. Horlicks and Armageddon later developed into an award-winning stage show (2013); and The Bird Fancyer’s Delight became the inspiration of a Radio 4 documentary (2011, with producer Neil McCarthy). Colin Uttley is also on the bill, revisiting his talk on the history of ghost trains.

The Catalyst Club is a monthly salon curated by David Bramwell.