Listening in the Wild


Listening in the Wild - birdsong extemporisations on the robotic carillon and a short talk on songbirds and music

Time 10:30 AM
Centre for Digital Music, QMUL David Sizer Lecture Theatre, , Francis Bancroft Building, , Queen Mary University of London, , Mile End Road , , London, E1 4NS

I’m be using my robotic carillon to perform extemporisations on birdsong at this workshop on birdsong, machine listening and more. I’ll also be giving a short talk on birds and music, in which I’ll discuss the Bird Fancyer’s Delights.

Curated by QMUL researcher Dan Stowell, Listening in the Wild brings together researchers in engineering disciplines (machine listening, signal processing, computer science) and biological disciplines (bioacoustics, ecology, perception and cognition), to discuss complementary perspectives on making sense of natural and everyday sound.