Telepath: mind-reading magic on your iPhone


Welcome to the Telepath
support page.

Here, you can share your tips on performing Telepath, tell us how you’ve found the trick and let us know any features you’d like to see in future.

If you’re experiencing any problems with this new app, please email us directly at Telepath support and we’ll reply within 24 hours.

Thanks for your interest in Telepath
Sarah Angliss
Richard Wiseman

Telepath TV

Telepath TVSee Richard perform the trick
and reveal the secret of Telepath.


These videos are for Telepath magicians only – to watch them, you’ll need to enter our secret password. To find the secret password, go to the information screen in Telepath and click on Extra Stardust. The password is the third word you see on the Extra Stardust screen.

Known issue (version 1.01)

On the Learn the Trick screen, you will hear the entire soundtrack, not just a single sparkle, when you click on the sparkle sound link. A single sparkle should sound like this.

This issue will be fixed in the next release of Telepath – coming very soon. Updates will be free to anyone who has purchased this app.