Thanks to all the print journalists and bloggers who have taken time to  review my recordings and live performances. Here’s a selection of recent press articles:

Feature article, including review of Ealing Feeder
Simon Reynolds, 4 Columns, New York

Review of Ealing Feeder album and live performance
Robert Barry, The Wire Magazine

Air Loom at Supernormal 2019
Eden Tizard, The Quietus

Air Loom at Supersonic 2019
Ben Beaumont-Thomas, The Guardian

Air Loom album review
Abi Bliss, The Wire Magazine

Interview and Air Loom preview
Matthew Kneale, The Quietus

Air Loom at Kings Place, London
Caroline Potter, I Care if You Listen

Ealing Feeder album review
Doug Seagal, The Stranger, Seattle

Sarah Angliss on theremin (Agata Urbaniak) small

‘Ealing Feeder’ live performance
Reviewed by Robert Barry
The Wire Magazine, July 2017
Available online to subscribers

Ealing Feeder in The Wire July 2017

‘Air Loom’ album
Reviewed by Abi Bliss
The Wire Magazine, July 2019
Available online to subscribers

Air Loom in The Wire July 2019

Photo by Agata Urbaniak