Sarah Angliss

composer | musician | robotic artist

Sarah Angliss

composer | musician | electronic artist


A selection of album tracks and cues for film and theatre.

  1. Camberwell Beauty Sarah Angliss 2:55
  2. Amulet (2020) In Bed - A Recurring Dream Sarah Angliss 1:06
  3. You Taught me How to See the Crows Sarah Angliss 5:44
  4. Amulet (2020) The Walk to the House Sarah Angliss 0:52
  5. Egg 3:18
  6. Amulet (2020) Sleep and Revelation Sarah Angliss 1:29
  7. Summer's Lease Sarah Angliss 3:00
  8. Amulet (2020) The Parlour Sarah Angliss 1:35
  9. Cow Heart Pin Sarah Angliss 3:47
  10. Amulet (2020) Main Title Sarah Angliss 1:39
  11. Needle Sarah Angliss 2:34
  12. A Wren in the Cathedral Sarah Angliss 3:59
  13. Raven (Thought) Sarah Angliss 4:06
  14. The Bows Sarah Angliss 5:28
  15. The Messenger (Alexandra Palace mix) Sarah Angliss 4:03
  16. Suck Sarah Angliss 4:44
  17. The Two Magicians Sarah Angliss 3:13
  18. Amulet (2020) Dance - Cold and Hollow 2:43
  19. Dust Sarah Angliss 4:02
  20. The Hairy Ape - Rich Parade as Gaudy Marionettes Sarah Angliss 1:04

With thanks to the following guest performers:


Jenny Angliss (vocalist)
The Messenger (Alexandra Palace Mix)

David Bramwell of Oddfellow’s Casino (vocalist)
Cow Heart Pin

Sarah Gabriel (vocalist)
Amulet: The Walk to the House, A Recurring Dream, Main Title; Raven (Thought); Dust.

Stephen Hiscock (percussionist)
Camberwell Beauty; Amuet: A Recurring Dream, The Parlour; A Wren in the Cathedral; Dust.

Melanie Pappenheim (vocalist)
Amulet: Sleep and Revelation

Spoken word:

Flora Dempsey
The Messenger (Alexandra Palace Mix)

Emma Kilbey
The Bows