This playlist includes tracks
from Ealing Feeder (2017)
and Air Loom (2019).

  1. Raven (Thought) Sarah Angliss 4:06
  2. Egg 3:18
  3. Camberwell Beauty Sarah Angliss 2:55
  4. Wan Trad. arr. Sarah Angliss 7:38
  5. A Wren in the Cathedral Sarah Angliss 3:59
  6. Needle Sarah Angliss 2:34
  7. You Taught me How to See the Crows Sarah Angliss 5:44
  8. The Bows Sarah Angliss 5:28
  9. The Messenger (Alexandra Palace mix) Sarah Angliss 4:03
  10. The Hairy Ape - Rich Parade as Gaudy Marionettes Sarah Angliss 1:04

‘A Wren in the Cathedral’ uses theremin to manipulate birdsong. Video by Tom Hadrill.

‘Bows’, inspired by ‘The Cruel Sister’ aka ‘The Bonny Bows’, a traditional song about a sororcide on the Thames.

‘Cow Heart Pin’ – inspired by an account of a curse made by a London butcher against a rival. Reported in Lovett’s ‘Magic in Modern London’ (1925), the curse involved sticking nails and into a desiccated heart. The song includes translations of Anglo Saxon curses against someone trying to steal cattle. The video uses the amulet collected by Lovett, recently on display in the Wellcome Collection.

Dust, inspired by incidental dialogue in the transcripts of the first human trip to the Moon. Written for the 50th anniversary of the moon landings. Video by Tom Hadrill.

The Ealing Feeder playing birdsong, automatically transcribed by Dan Stowell, Queen Mary University, London. Video taken on Dawn Chorus Day, Rotherhithe, by Katrina Townsend.

Photo by Agata Urbaniak (excerpt)