Sarah’s front page May 2018

The most inventive album I’ve heard in a long while…a testament to Angliss’s imagination and sheer musicality.”Simon Reynolds, 4 Columns, New York

A highly atmospheric and compelling listen…feels like a whole universe unto itself, brimming with fresh propositions and new directions.”Robert Barry, The Wire, London

Featured work

Giant – electroacoustic chamber opera

Workshop footage of this new opera in development, featuring viola da gamba, percussion, robotics and live electronic processing.

Ealing Feeder

Solo album from 2017 – a steely, unsettled love letter to London.

Echo in a Bottle (BBC Radio 4)8

A documentary exploring our fascination with the echo – aired June 2018 (now on iPlayer). Produced by Peregrine Andrews, a Far Shoreline production.

Expressionism on stage

Composition and sound design for ‘The Twilight Zone‘ and Eugene O’Neill’s ‘The Hairy Ape‘.


On birdsong and music

New music, research and a BBC Radio 4 documentary exploring the close relationship between songbirds and sound recording.

Daphne Oram: Radiophonic pioneer

A biography of Daphne Oram, for the 2016 reprint of her book ‘An Individual Note – Of Music, Sound and Electronics’ (1972).

Sky Bullion

For World Listening Day 2018

Loving the Machine
TEDx talk: Reinterpreting a machine-inspired dance piece devised by women two centuries ago.

Air Loom - Sarah Angliss

Max patch for giant - Sarah Angliss

Ealing Feeder (Sarah Angliss)

In the Moog Lab - Sarah Anglis

Sarah’s music

For live performance

Sarah is a composer making dreamlike performances where the total theatre of the sound’s creation is as striking as the music itself. Her music reflects her eclectic background as a classically trained composer, electronic artist and folk musician.

On stage Sarah combines bells, recorders, spinet and other ancient instruments with theremin, electronics, vocals and her own robotic creations. Thematically, she often explores resonances between folklore and our perceptions of machines. Her music often plays with notions of electrical mysticism and the uncanny.

For theatre and film

Sarah’s distinctive composition and sound design uses everything from notated music to original experimental electronic and algorithmic techniques. She’s particularly drawn to productions where composition and sound design are tightly interwoven.

Sarah’s theatre work has been heard at The Young Vic, The Old Vic, National Theatre and Almeida, London, and Park Avenue Armory, New York. Her live film scores have been featured in the BFI seasons ‘Gothic – the Dark Heart of Film’ and ‘Sci-fi – Days of Fear and Wonder’.