Sarah Angliss

composer | musician | robotic artist

Sarah Angliss

composer | musician | electronic artist

Tag: albums

Ealing Feeder

London, a modern edifice on a mediaeval footprint, is the blueprint for this album, a steely, unsettled love letter to the city. Released in 2017, Ealing Feeder is an album steeped in the sounds of sirens, wrestling rings, the Thames and the London tree canopy.

Air Loom

An album of dreamlike music from 2019, distilling Sarah Angliss’ latest work with ancient instruments and extraordinary electroacoustic techniques. Air Loom was performed along with highlights from Ealing Feeder on a UK tour in 2019, featuring vocalist Sarah Gabriel and percussionist Stephen Hiscock.

Guest spots

A selection of earlier recorded work, including guest spots on other albums by Moon Wiring Club and the Ghostbox Study Series (with label co-founders Belbury Poly).

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