composer, performer and sound designer



Exhibited at Kinetica, 2011, and selected for Gavin Turk and Deborah Curtis' House of Fairytales.

One of my earliest automata, Ventricle is an oxblood red vintage handbag about the same age as my own heart. It opens and closes continually, in the rhythm of a human heartbeat. Exhibited at Kinetica 2009 then selected for temporary display in Gavin Turk and Deborah Curtis’ House of Fairytales.

Thanks to Rain Ashford for the video of Ventricle in action. Rain is a researcher and artist who works with wearable electronics. We were both invited to exhibit as part of the ArtHertz group.

Since making this exhibit, my own techniques have improved considerably and there is now an abundance of cheap off-the-peg biosensors available. One day, I may remake this project using a live heartbeat sensor and incorporate it into my live music set.