Sarah Angliss

composer | musician | robotic artist

Sarah Angliss

composer | musician | electronic artist

Tag: miscellaneous

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Thoughts on the design of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, and its minimalist Doomsday Clock which coldly measured the fluctuating risks to humanity during The Cold War and beyond. A short piece for The Wire Magazine, August 2019.

Paul Hamlyn Award For Composers

In November 2018, I was honoured to receive a composer’s award from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. This award is transformative, giving me time and funds to think more expansively about my music and explore ideas I’ve been incubating for some time.

Muriel Howorth – Atomic Gardener

In The Odditorium (Chambers, 2016) A chapter on the extraordinary life and work of Muriel Howorth, science fiction writer, composer, choreographer and pioneering atomic gardener.

South Shields meets the sublime – a report on The Foghorn Requiem

Some reflections on The Foghorn Requiem (2013), a ceremony marking the end of service of the Souter Lighthouse and the passing of the age of foghorns on the UK coastline. This compelling musical, community ritual was created by artists Lise Autogena and Joshua Portway in collaboration with composer Orlando Gough.

Horlicks and Armageddon

Researched and devised by Sarah Angliss, this show delves into rarely seen archives and personal testimony to tell the story of Britain’s secretive nuclear survivalists. It turns swifty from an entertaining sweep through the archives to a stark reminder of the roots of many of the most disturbing trends in modern British politics. Awarded most groundbreaking show of Brighton Festival and Fringe 2013.

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